Training | Planning | Execution | Support

We train and ensure you remain proficient in your residential and commercial Loxone automation system. We use hands one examples, and at your pace learning tutorial with real life examples along the way. Our team has been installing automation for over 13 years and have worked on Loxone projects across North America. We are one of the longest Loxone install partners in North America and are ready to help.


At Your Pace Learning

We teach our customers in all the basics of the Loxone Automation system to ensure they remain proficient in their core subjects and have a safe and long lasting automation system for their projects.


Expert Collaboration

Expert Loxone partners are available to support you if your project/your desire for automation get a little too complicated for you current capabilities. This ensure you always are in safe hands.


Online Lessons

Our Lessons are online and remain accessible for 1 year for all our customers.

Hi, how does it work?

It’s simple, when you buy your automation system from us, we provide you access to online training while working with you during the whole process of the automation execution. This includes consultation with trades, video calls and manuals for end use.

We have helped end customers such as commercial installers, Universities, manufacturers and home owners…

… across North America.

Our Story

It all started when our team started as home automation integrators in 2014. We met through our joint interest and always had the same moral issue. Why do the our customers have to call us when they need simple problems solved? It turns out this was the industry standard and if we didn’t charge our business would suffer as well. So we put our heads together and came up with a more sensible solution; provide training to our customers from day one to ensure they can remain confidently in control pre- and post- systems installation.  Our goal is to make all our customers the smartest possible for their own automation systems.